Oxford Edtech Labs Ltd solutions are designed with 3 main goals in mind:

  • To consolidate the plethora of applications teachers are expected to use into one simple tool, giving them everything they need to prepare and deliver quality, relevant education, whilst improving efficiency and reducing their workload. We call that tool “Flytdex”.
  • To remove financial and technology barriers to great software by providing Flytdex as a single portal, free to use too for students and parents.
  • To make the information available to Teachers, Students and Parents, enabling and encouraging communication, engagement and ownership.

With significant pressure on our educators financially and from a delivery perspective, we work tirelessly with Educators at the chalk face and in leadership to optimise the whole experience from planning to delivery. Freeing them to get on with the real business of educating the next generation. FLYTDEX brings all the tools and information an Educator, Student or Parent needs to their fingertips, in a simple, responsive and customisable Dashboard. With relevance and careers examples at the heart of what a teacher delivers. By partnering with potential employers we plan to add career relevance to every lesson, enabling the next generation of workers exposure to a multitude of career options long before GCSE, let alone A levels or degrees.

Our range of sponsorship models gives employers the ability to target specific areas of the curriculum, from a single lesson all the way up to an entire subject. Working with our partners to design and created short videos, students will see quality relevant carer examples, helping to enlighten them to the vast opportunities available and what is required to reach their full potential.

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